Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Locally Made Cloth Diapers!

We're very excited to welcome the Pinkseamstress into our family of local crafters!
Adorable locally made cloth diapers that are Eco Friendly, both in these economic times, and for our ecosystem.  
Each comes with a set of instructions for fitting, care and washing (so simple a dad can do it!)

Pocket Diaper with insert, snap closure, one size fits all, $19.99!

Pink camo, disguise her tush in style!

Ooga Booga Pocket Diaper with insert, snap closure, one size, $19.99!

Are you new to cloth diapering?  The simple and elegant design of Pinkseamstress' cloth diapers keep your baby comfortable, and the laundry easy.  There's no "special detergent" to buy, and they can be machine or line dried. 

An 'old pro'?  Then you'll enjoy the thoughtful touches, like the enclosed elastic legs and choice of snaps, or velcro closure.

Pocket Diaper with insert, velcro closure, one size, $19.99!

Pocket Diaper with insert, velcro closure, one size, $19.99!

Cherry Bottoms!

Fawn print, Pocket Diaper with insert, snap closure, one size $19.99!

Giraffe silhouettes, Pocket Diaper with insert, velcro closure, one size $19.99!

The quick and easy snap down feature means these will fit from newborn, until potty training.  
It doesn't take advanced mathematics to figure out these will save you thousands of dollars.  Meanwhile, the money you spend is directly inserted into the local economy, and the waste you save keeps our local ecosystem healthy. 

Pandas, Monkeys and Owls, oh my!

Scrub a dub dub! These hooded towels are great for the bath, beach or pool. Handmade using heavyweight 100% cotton towels that are super-absorbent and soft against delicate skin, they're perfect for any age. Wrap style towel fits from infant to 8 years of age. Finished towel size of either style is approx 30" x 54". Machine wash warm, tumble dry. 

Locally crafted by Alanna's Treasures, $34.50. 
Custom orders are welcome at no extra charge.  

Full size to grow with you!

Fully customizable!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mini Boden, Petit Ami and more!

Mini Boden, Orient Expressed, Petit Ami and more, just in!

Mini Boden 4-5y, Hair Flower by Alanna's Treasures Orient Expressed 4T, Hairbow by the Cupcakery

Mini Boden 4-5y Hairflower locally crafted by Alanna's Treasures

Mini Boden size 7-8

Petit Ami 3m, Haircorker locally crafted by Amanda Panda

Nursery Rhyme 24m, Haircorker by Amanda Panda

Nursery Rhyme 24m, Haircorker by Amanda Panda

Friday, July 27, 2012

Is your mouth getting a little crowded?
It might be time for some of those teeth to start letting go.
Help the Toothfairy's accuracy and speed of service with a fabulous felt toothfairy pillow locally crafted by the Cupcakery! 

Each pillow has a handy pocket on the back for your little one's toof-ers $16 each

Girl teeth

Boy teeth

Brother and Sister set

Here a moo, there a moo, everywhere a moo moo!
Brother and sister set, just in! 

Brother's is by Carriage Boutique, 24m, $19.99, Sister's is Freidknit Creations, 3m $14.99!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cloth diapering mommys, we'll have a VERY exciting announcement early next week. Start getting excited, we are!!!!!!!!! 

(here's a wittle hint) 

Grasshoppers , helicopters and more cute...

Absolutely adorable flood of boys clothes, just in!
We'll be adding pictures throughout the day, so check back for more cute  :)

Zu 18-24 month 2 pc

Sir John 24m 2 pc

Baily Boys Reversible foot ball helmet on reverse 24m

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Radio Flyer Rowing Cart

Radio Flyer Rowing Cart
A classic retro collectors piece by Radio Flyer, in great condition!  
 Kids get a great work out while having a blast.

"The classic Radio Flyer Row Cart propelled kids forward with its fluid push-pull motion while they steered with their feet. Kids had fun while strengthening their motor skills!" Radioflyer.com

Classic Radio Flyer Row Cart in great condition $SOLD!

We wanted to put it to the test, so we tried it on our kids!

Had your eye out for a blue bumbo with tray? It's here :)

(Taggy blankie locally crafted by The Cupcakery)
Blue Bumbo in excellent condition with tray $SOLD!  Taggy Blankie locally crafted by the Cupcakery $20.00!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mama always said "life is like a box of chocolates," but I always thought it was more like a basket of flowers.

Pick you're favorite, locally crafted by Alanna's Treasures, $2.50-3.50 ea!

The Uss Kids Grow! Aircraft Carrier

Kids Grow, this is the tower, you are free to launch into brilliant blue Tuesday skies.

Dual catapults raise and lower during blast offs!

Landings are easy on the carriers reinforced, extended deck.  When you're ready to shove off to distant shores, it doubles as plane storage!

Carrier includes diecast Tomcats, Migs and an F15 (5 in all) excellent condition, $SOLD!

Lift deck raises and lowers planes into action!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Little Colorado Wooden Kitchen

For the second installment of our Home Edition, we have a lovely wooden kitchen by Little Colorado.  
Pretending to cook is imaginative, fun, and promotes healthy eating for years to come.

"Stove top has faucet and knobs that turn for realistic play. The stainless steel sink is removable. Cabinet doors open to reveal storage for pots, pans and kitchen supplies or pretend oven."

Little Colorado wooden kitchen in great condition $Sold!