Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fisher Price Classic Dollhouse

Welcome to our Fisher Price Dollhouse overlooking beautiful Lakeside Ave. 
You'll find this Victorian classic has plenty of charm and growing room for your young family.  

 There's a playground in the side yard, and enough room to accommodate a horse (included!)
Lakeside is framed by Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens and Bryan Park, so there's always something to walk to and enjoy.

Relax on the porch with a swing for baby, and enjoy the down time while they're little!

Play hard, rest hard, brother and sister enjoy their spacious living room (did we mention the house is completely furnished?)

The Eat-in kitchen keeps the family together at mealtime.

Aren't they little Angels when they're sleeping?

Can you picture your family in their new castle?

Vintage Victorian dollhouse with tons of furniture, people, and even a horse, $SOLD!!

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