Friday, May 17, 2013

Big Action Construction!

We're building towards a fun weekend, with Fisher Price's Big Action Radio Controlled Construction Set!

"Kids can play on all sides of this construction site! And with the remote control dump truck it's easy and fun to get around, works on carpet too! The easy-to-use RC controller steers the truck in 4 directions or 360 degree spins - with 4 color coded buttons. Kids just match the colors on the truck to the colors on the remote. It also has tank steering so the vehicle slows down as it turns, making it easier for kids to maneuver & control. Bring the RC Vehicle to the playset where EZ Guide Ramps' automatically aligns the vehicle so even the youngest kids find success driving it to the play areas. There's a cool elevator, a crane to load and unload boulders into the hopper, plus a parking area great for storage."

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Fisher Price Big Action Construction Set, excellent condition, $24.99!
Pick Up Only (Please pick up with 7 days)

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