Friday, September 6, 2013

Fall is here?

Did anyone else feel like someone switched on the Fall this morning? 
Extra layers, and snugly warmth, just in! 
Breeze on by, it's a glorious day in Lakeside!
(more pics added throughout the day)

Gap, warm and snuggly, 0-3m

Carter's extra layers 9m

Gap Butterflies 3T

Children's Place hoodie and Levis jeans 3T

Carter's onsie 3m

Carriage Boutiques 3T

Mayoral 18m NWT
Janie & Jack 3 piece Butterflies 2T (runs large)
Gap 3T
Gymboree 3 piece 12-18m
Rare Editions NWT 12m

April Cornell 0-6m

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